A trip with connection

Today, the beloved Red Zebra, has departed to Barcelona, ​​by boat from Cape Town. They have almost five months of intense traveling with her, crossing from north to south Africa.

I remember early in the trip, after a year of frenetic and complicated work, I needed a rest of two weeks at La Baraka, in Merzouga. I was among friends in decompression days. It was necessary as it was beginning a long trip and ran the risk of accumulated stress distort the experiences that awaited me.

Have been over 20.000 kilometers of experience. Every kilometer has been magical. Every night I have contemplated the sky we all share. The kilometers haven't changed me but these fed me. I could feel more than ever the force that binds us all and everything. That is the greatest thing that exists. When you think about it you realize that it is the infinite.

I felt comfortable in all places where I've lived and all the people I've met. Even when the border cops complicated me, or when I was a "victim" of an express kidnapping in Kinshasa, I have always found a way to be in equilibrium with the context. We are beings that flowing naturally, can get anything. We can make every relationship, every encounter with another element of nature, to be special and positive. The fears are just part of the information we receive and in no case should make us retreat.

I've not missed it at any time, my life in Barcelona. Sometimes makes me smile when I remember some emotional or funny situation I have shared with Simona, my family or any of my friends. This is not nostalgia, because we are fully connected and I have never felt away.

Everything that happened to me during this journey is not at all extraordinary. We all live in the same reality and all are able, without exception, to express our feelings. That's when we find peace.

It is enormous the relationship I've been forged with Red Zebra. It is a machine, yes, but I've seen it humanized by the looks of the people many times. And it is curious that in none of those looks I found envy. Rather, those open eyes transmitted fascination and love. I have also been found that the people of those remote places, loves visitors.

Now, I still in Cape Town, but without my Red Zebra, I feel that the journey through this beautiful continent is over.

Thanks to all who have sent me all that boundless energy.

Hugs! ;)


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