Africa does not deceive

Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal. Now in Mali. It's magical walk mile after mile the countries of this gigantic continent. The borders somehow determine the way of life of those who share the surface of the boundary lines. There are general features in each population. The dressing, eating, decorating their cars or tents, betrays each of its inhabitants. Some people evade the general parameters and others are trapped in the guidelines set by their culture. This happens in Europe, too. The big difference is that Africa does not deceive. While cliches flood the major European cities, simplicity reigns in Africa. The existential questions are closely related to the complexity of a society.

During the last hundred years we have invented and developed at a rapid pace, incredibly useful things. In return, our home, earth, planet and ourselves are affected negatively by this fleeting progress. We have not taken into account that after a step forward to redress the balance is due before proceeding. Now we are overwhelmed by a technology that dominates and carried by a failed system.

As individuals we all have our way to go through life, which changes according to the experiences we face.

Travel through a continent like Africa, can help us, definitely, to better understand the state of the world.


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