Africa, tribute to Red Zebra

Last September was quite complicated, among others, because the decision to sell the Red Zebra in order to buy a bike suitable for everyday in the desert of Morocco.

The choice is the BMW F800GS, basically because the engine, lightweight, chain drive, inverted fork and 21 inches front wheel. Unlike our BMW R1200GS Adventure, which took three years to have its own name, the "Red Zebra", the new machine was born practically with the name tattooed on their cylinders. "Tormenta" (storm).

Thanks to the collaboration of BMW Motorrad Spain and Twalcom, "Tormenta" will be ready for the daily extreme use in the desert. All the upgrades will be published on our blog, and I'm sure this stuff will be interesting for all offroad lovers and travellers.

Although I'm really happy with "Tormenta", there's some sadness because Red Zebra is missing. During the sale process I discovered my irrational love to this machine and, honestly, this fact surprised me a lot. We shared lots of adventures during 8 years.

I wanted to make a video with images of my trans-west african journey, as a tribute to a great bike that has breathed the air of the African continent for almost four years, crossing deserts, mountains and climbing the highest dune of the Erg Chebbi, in Morocco.


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