BMW Ibericar Keldenich with R2R

A trip of this nature requires careful tuning of the bike. BMW Ibericar Keldenich has undertaken making an exhaustive revision of the R1200 GS Adventure 2007 with 94,000 km.

The bike, as your mileage, required a change in clutch, already I still had the original set. Despite four years of intensive use by all types of terrain, the clutch was still in good health. 30,000 km I probably would have endured more smoothly. Further evidence that these machines are really hard if treated well.

The battery started to fail also to the 94,000 km has been replaced by a new original battery. If the bike has a battery continued use can have a good time.

As for the shock absorbers are mounted TFX Suspension, tailored to the rider and the bike.

Thanks to Gonzalo Fontcuberta, head of BMW Ibericar Keldenich sales, and his team of mechanics.


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