Elvis is not dead

Yesterday I met Elvis. Yes .. Elvis. He is a police commander at Brazzaville who rides a BMW R1100 RT. The engine of his bike sounds glorious. Elvis is also the official mechanic of President of the Republic of Congo. He knows the boxer engine of the Bavarian brand very well.

I've been 15,000 miles after the great tweaking that BMW ​​Ibericar Keldenich made in his workshop. I usually check the bike every 10,000 km, but this time I stretched a little machine. I must say that I have not had any serious problems with the bike. During the route Dolisie- Kinkala the bike was completely covered in mud. I did a thorough cleaning in Brazzaville. So this afternoon I have an appointment with Elvis and he will help me to check my loved Red Zebra.

I much prefer the sound of a good BMW boxer engine than the "Love Me Tender".


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