Guided off road motorcycle tours in Morocco

There are many riders that come to the desert of Morocco with desire to explore its infinite tracks with their trail motorbikes. The vastness of the desert suggests respect. Determination and responsibility is needed to go there.


It's very important to note the time of the year in which you want to ride the Moroccan Sahara. Warmer times require more hydration, although you should never underestimate the need for water, nor in colder times. Bring a 2 litres Camelbak on your back will help you to be well hydrated. For long journeys through the desert carries a supplement of four litres more.

It's a good habit to carry, on any trip, tincture of iodine to disinfect water and purify it. With a Buff, which has very small pores, you can before filter the water to remove the most obvious dirt.

Riders gear

Using the proper equipment is always a good thing.

  • Use a textil jacket and pants with good breathability, light, comfortable and with good protections (eg. REV'IT! Poseidon GTX). Maybe you prefer to use a lightweight enduro armor and some knee pads for optimum protection.
  • A good pair of enduro boots will give you the maximum protection (eg. SIDI Crossfire). In any fall or trying to paddle with the legs, you can easily hurt a foot.
  • An enduro helmet with visor will protect you better from the sun (e.g. AGV AX-8 Dual Evo).
  • Attention with the sunglasses! Depending on the filter of the glass lenses you might lose definition and not well appreciate the irregularities of the ground. Rudy Project make good eyewear having a wide range of different lenses.

Bike protection

Protects the most exposed parts of your motorcycle to the impacts of the stones. Crankcase, cushions and previous optics tend to be more exposed (e.g. accessories Twalcom) parts. (por ej. accesorios Twalcom).

You must evaluate the damage than your bike may suffer in case of a fall. Reinforces the most exposed areas to minimize any major damage.

Check your bike slightly during the route and do it thoroughly at the end of each stage.

Tools and spare parts

Pick up a complete set of tools is essential. During a small maintenance work you'll realize what tools you need. So make sure you have everything before you leave home.

You must be aware of the condition of your bike and know it well and know just as what are the parts that may have more or less wear. Depending on how you use it your bike, some internal parts will suffer more wear than others.

If you intend to start a long journey and you have the slightest suspicion that something can fail, even after many miles, it is worth checking the bike well before leaving home and change the affected parts. It's nice to have the phone number of your confidence workshop if you need to make some questions about mechanics.

Help, guidance and assistance

I'm living in the Erg Chebbi, located in the moroccan Sahara desert, for two years and I think I can be of help. I love discovering new tracks, to be surprised when I find a nomad in the loneliest place on the planet, camping under the stars and enjoy the silence of the moon.

Sometimes you may prefer a companion and guide (with trail bike) on your journey through the desert:

  • If you do not want to venture alone to explore the Moroccan Sahara desert.
  • If you have little experience riding offroad.
  • If you are part of a group with little experience in offroad expeditions.
  • You want to take advantage of the little time you have to make an interesting route.
  • Learn navigation, offroad riding and get your bike unstuck from sand tips.

Contact me through this contact form if you need any information.


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