IMM Rent & Tours and motorcycle travels

We can do whatever we want, no doubt. IMM organized a special event which was held last weekend in Son Servera, Mallorca. Some riders and travellers were invited to explain their trips, like Charly Sinewan, Fernando Retor, Fernando Prieto, Lluís Oromí, Txoni Galán, Jaume Roig Arbona and Ride To Roots.

During this first edition we enjoyed a selection of travel videos ceded by Exploramoto, which also took care of the live broadcast of the event through their online channel.

We had a funny videoconference with Fabián C. Barrio from Brasil but was impossible to connect with Miquel Silvestre and Alicia Sornosa, when they were in Sudan.

It was a privilege to present the Ride To Roots project to an attentive audience, sharing our passion for motorcycles and travels.

IMM Rent & Rent & Tours promotes motorcycle tourism in Mallorca and help us to discover the most spectacular things of this magnificent island.

Thanks to Carlos Llabrés, Carlos Gohringer and Rafael from Molta Moto, for invitation and nice initiative!


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