Jonathan Blackburn and his TransAfrica trip

Some days ago, Simona and I, met Jonathan Blackburn, an english Rider wanting to discover Africa.

Among other things, Jonathan told us about the slow process of disconnection of his previous routine (work, rush, ...). He is in Morocco for a week and it still remain in the country a few days more. That reminded me I lived the same situation when started my african journey. I was two week in the desert and I could completely decompress. So I continued my journey with a natural rhythm.

Find peace and tranquility is not an easy task. I saw, in the expression of Jonathan, a relief for choosing to take the step to one of his dreams, by living experience without the pressure of the social maze. African lands are, undoubtedly, good places to get rid of unnecessary weight and the balance between spirit and presence on the planet.

Follow Jonathan on his Facebook page Overland Rider.

Go ahead, Jonathan! :)


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