Nigeria, a dangerous country?

The first days in Nigeria I was somewhat influenced by the comments on the security of this country. Normally it doesn't affect me much but I think affected me at this time. The presence of men armed with pistols and shotguns stressed me out. Nor I ate practically the first three days in the land. It was then when I fell down in a long offroad route. I ran into a sandbar that hid under some tough races. I was riding fast. I hit my back with something and the right pannier of my bike was squashed. In that accident I could have broken the bike and hurt me really. Within seconds stopped a car and two motorcycles. They helped me lift the bike and get the small stones that had settled in impossible places. The osogafas broke. I gave them one of the guys who helped me and thanked me several times. Most probably that he has fixed them with superglue and he is enjoying now. Glasses with lots of history. Now are African.

The assistance of these people in a country that many say is so dangerous, calmed me for the rest of the trip.


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