Red Zebra solo European tour

Apparently, the Red Zebra has decided to do an European solo tour. It's now in the port of Rotterdam. The responsible of clearing the bike in Antwerp mixed two bikes and they sent mine to Rotterdam, and the BMW R1200 GS Adventure, wich belongs to a Dutch guy, to Barcelona.

Ayso, the Dutch rider, has contacted me through the Ride To Roots website. He explained me that, when he went to get his bike to the port of Rotterdam and opened the box, he found another motorbike. Mine! I saw his bike in South Africa before it was shipped. :)

Fortunately, Ayso's bike is still in Antwerp and would be sent next Monday to Rotterdam, while the Red Zebra will travel to another warehouse for waiting to be trucked to Barcelona.

Ayso sent me this picture that shows the Red Zebra in the warehouse at the port of Rotterdam. Biker solidarity has no limits!


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