Redverz Gear sponsors R2R with a spectacular tent

Redverz Gear invented the absolute comfort for any motorcycle traveler with the Tenere Expedition Tent.

No other tent out there offers the advantages of the tent designed by Kevin Muggleton, founder of this company.

Redverz Gear is a family owned based in Denver, with extensive experience in motorcycle and 4x4 trips around the globe, allowing them to develop a tent with a simple design (three poles), enough height to stand up and change gear and a bay for sheltering the motorbike.

The new version Series II Expedition Tent offers some improvements over the Tenere Expedition Tent. The yellow option appears this week in the market and Redverz Gear will send us a unit in few days.

It will certainly be very nice camping every night with this spacious tent.

Thanks Kevin and Andrew, thanks Redverz Gear! :)


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