Riding in the Congo. Welcome to the muddy world!

All travelers who ride the Trans-Africa to the west side of the continent, have some respect for the Congo. Crossing the Congo during rainy season is not easy. Mud is the main character.

In Calabar, Nigeria, I met another rider, Veysel Bayam. Veysel is from Turkey and left Istambul more than six months ago with his Yamaha Ténéré 660, well equipped with Touratech accessories, like suitcases Zega Pro. Other than our passion for motorcycles, life, travel and Touratech accessories, we also share the same destination, Cape Town.

We met again in Dolisie, Republic of the Congo, to ride together up to Brazzaville. It was a good idea, because the route up to Kinkala, eighty kilometers before Brazzaville, promised to be complicated. The night before came a big storm that lasted nearly an hour. Veysel and I had anticipated a route full of huge pools of water and mud.

The first day we didn't have many difficulties and the rough was quite practicable. But, it was very muddy. We seek a safe place to camp, away from small towns. Veysel prepared pasta and a spicy sauce for dinner. While we slept a terrible storm came upon us. The strong wind pulled down a part of my tent over me. I had forgotten to secure my tent! I left from there as I could and secured it well. The Series II Expedition Tent of Redverz is great. Despite its dimensions resists the strong wind, perfectly.

In the morning we picked up everything and continued the route. Well, now it would complicate in some sections. We saw some trucks completely stuck. On the slippery mud the bike was ungovernable. I had to drop it a couple of times. Lift the bike was very difficult, as the slippery terrain made it impossible to find a foothold. Veysel came to my aid, but we still had difficulties. A man got out of his car to help us. Finally the Red Zebra was raised again.

Finally, exhausted, after overcoming several difficult areas, we reach Kinkala!


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