The African motorcycle

Looking back I realize now how much I had fun with Red Zebra, my BMW R1200GS Adventure 2007. My journey through West Africa and the three years living and enjoying the sand of the Erg Chebbi, in the Moroccan desert, have ingrained me to the African continent. I still have infinite places to visit in this world, but for some reason need to be and learn more, and better, this continent. Africa, for me, is freedom (although there is oppression), humanity (even if there are inhuman situations) and respect.

A solid protocol between people still exists in Africa. It's comforting to know that in Africa is still possible a relationship as equals, authentic and natural, with which you can solve, or aggravate, any conflict, small or big.

I'm in Galicia, North West of Spain, for a month now. I'm taking this opportunity to explore the fabulous roads of this place. Red Zebra still curving perfectly on the road, but she whispers in my ear: "I am allergic to asphalt". She misses, like me, the desert and dunning, which has become a habit for me. Red Zebra and I are sharing the same passions, and it's disgusting to thing about change her for another lighter bike, just to ride better on dunes. But, obviously, another trail bike, lighter and also with an easy maintenance and easy to customize for a heavy use in the desert, should be a logical next step. For example, the BMW F800 GS.

If I find someone interested in Red Zebra, with the same passion, perhaps it could be more manageable for me to think about that change.

I just write out loud. :)


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