We raffle a REV'IT! Sand 2 and two pairs of Sand gloves

Thanks to our great sponsor REV'IT!, we'll raffle a REV'IT! Sand 2 jacket and pants, and two pair of sand gloves on December 31st, in the desert during the R2R Meeting 2013. All gear will be sent to its corresponding winner.

REV'IT! Sand 2 jacket is a good choice for ride around the world, offering good protection during all year. It doesn't matter if the weather is hot or cold.

REV'IT! Sand 2 pants offers the same protection than the Sand 2 jacket. Shoulders, elbows and knees protectors are included in this fantastic set.

After two years with no rest, my REV'IT! Sand gloves have a pair of holes. But they are still comfortable, after endured the aggresive sun, rain, mud, oil, dirt and have protected me in some falls.

Riders of the R2R Meeting 2013 in the desert, will receive a coupon for each day of participation and they will have access to win one of the products offered by our sponsors. REV'IT! will arrange to send the prize to the winner.

REV'IT! is one of the main sponsors of Ride To Roots. We chose this gear brand, three years ago, because quality and nice designs. REV'IT! gets better every year.


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