Eduard López Arcos

Project promoter of Ride To Roots, motorbike rider and traveller.

Cofounder together with Simona Musumeci, of Altercat Internet Solutions SL, a company specialized on internet projects, development of websites and online marketing.

I will travel solo, by motorbike crossing Africa north to south, from Morocco to Cape Town in South Africa.

Trip experience

  • Trip around the globe to visit the antipode of Barcelona and West-Samoa.
  • Several west European countries using local public transportation and the widespread youth hostels network.
  • Belize, Guatemala, Cuba, Jordan, Israel.
  • Motorbike trips to Morocco, Spain and several European countries.

"Since ever I have been curious about the African continent. Tired of hearing always bad stories about this continent I have decided that my time to deeply get to know it by myslef has arrived in order to start learning from their various cultures."

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Simona Musumeci

Marketing & Online Communication expert.

Cooperated in several projects, in Italy as well as in Spain, on different sectors: banking, publicity agencies, human resources and retail business.

Responsible to promote and propagate the Ride To Roots project on communication media.

"I have decided to cooperate in this project due to the great dream and enthusiasm which Eduard is showing for this trip. Go out there to search for what we still are unaware of and see different ways to understand life, reflects to me the spirit of Ride to Roots."

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Quim Franco

Graphic designer, creative and photographer.

After 12 years of experience in several studios in Barcelona he finally founded in 2003 “Quimroom”, developing design projects, communication and image for his customers.

Responsible for the image of Ride To Roots project.
Creator of the website graphic image as well as promotion on several media like facebook.

"Maybe because I like motorbikes, the cooperation and service to others y and when I hear talking about Africa, my stomach starts to cribble, because besides the conflicts and existing problems, Africa is "Life" and the origin of humanity. After Eduard told me about his project together with the enthusiasm he showed me, I just asked him: how can I support you?"

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