Africa GPS Tracks

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Ndende - Nyanga - Dolisie
Superb offroad route entering from Ndende, Gabon. The area of Nyanga, in northern Congo, is extensive and the route crosses through several forest reserves. Nyanga River empties into the Atlantic and runs along the southern Gabon and northern Congo. The mud is present in rainy season. The landscape is splendid up to Dolisie.
Dolisie - Kinkala - Brazzaville
This is one of the most complex routes in the transafrica. In rainy season, the mud can make traffic almost impossible. Many trucks are stuck in the slippery and sticky terrain. Although difficulty begins a few kilometers from Dolisie, this tour is very interesting. Once in Kinkala, tarmac takes us to the capital Brazzaville.
Lubumbashi - Kasumbalesa - Zambia
After departing from Kinshasa in an air-cargo, I arrived in Lubumbashi, where I do a route of about 100 kilometers to the border with Zambia, by road.
Guerguerat - Diama
Entry to Mauritania from Guerguerat. There are many checkpoints throughout all the route. The route, borders the Banc d'Arguin natural park. The top of the route is the Diawling National Park, crossing the park through the gravel road reaches Diama. There are an incredible variety of birds.
Nador - La Baraka (Merzouga)
Leaving Nador road up to the track that leads to the Plateau du Rekkam. Then some road and track to the hostel La Baraka Auberge, Merzouga.
La Baraka (Merzouga) - Tan Tan plage
Fun and spectacular route through Zagora and Foum Zguid by piste.
Caprivi Strip
From Wenela, the border with Zambia, starts the route by tar road through Caprivi Strip. The route also passes through Sesheka up to Rundu.
Kosobusu - Calabar - Ekok
When I decided to make this route of more than 2.100 Km, there were several attacks to churches in the north of the country. At the first 300 Km I found armed people protecting the entrance of all towns. A lot of offroad kilometers with rough, rocky and sometimes sandy terrain. Great people in Nigeria.
Diama - St. Louis - Dakar
There are a lot of new sensations crossing the Sahara desert to reach the first city in Senegal, entering from the north. St. Louis is a extremely active city, colorful and with good people. The chaos reigns in Dakar, the capital, in every corner of this crazy metropolis.
Vioolsdrift - Cape Town
From the border control of Vioolsdrift, the route is started by a wonderful road (N7) that takes you to Cape Town. The mountains are present almost throughout the route with 1.000 meter maximum altitude.
Cape Town - Cape Agulhas
From the second most populous city in South Africa, Cape Town, starts a spectacular curved road along the Atlantic coast. From Hermanus, a tourist town, the road leads to the wide gravel roads to get to Cape Agulhas, the southernmost point of Africa.
DR Congo border - Victoria Falls
Zambia is a country of exceptional beauty. For me it was a surprise because I didn't think to cross this country. The modest farms away from the main road, and its people are the source of the authenticity of a culture invaded by European influence. The Victoria Falls are a great spectacle. To see them you have to pay toll.
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